Sunday, 13 June 2010

St. Peter's Cream Stout

St. Peters is a brewery that I've had moderate success with. I really like their IPA and their Old Style porter is pretty good too, but I wasn't struck on their ruby ale. Anyway, last time I went to the offy, there was a large range of bottles, so, as I'll give anything a go, I picked up A bottle of Cream Stout.
It might be the middle of June, and the weather has been pretty good most weekends, I've been on quite a stout bender lately. Not really a summer drink but knowing me I'll be after nothing but golden ales and lager come November.
Anywho, onto the beer. It pours absolutely pitch black with just a small head. It looks perfect. Best looking stout I've had. There's a bit of carbonation but this is fine by me as I don't really want a fizzy pint of stout. On the nose there is a nice amount of milk chocolate and hints of coffee in there as well.
On the first swig, there is more chocolate and coffee. It's very creamy and smooth, with a slightly thick feel in the mouth. Definitely worthy of the name cream stout! After taste is very much the same, with some dry malt there too.
This stout is spot on. It is really easy drinking for its 6.5%, more suited to the warmer months I'd say, as there isn't that boozy warmth of the likes of Thornbridge St. Petersburg but is on an equal par as for the best stout I've ever had. One I'll be buying more of, for sure!

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