Wednesday, 2 June 2010

William Bros Grozet

I've had a couple of William Bros offerings before, their Midnight Sun porter and their IPA. Both of these were really good brews, so when I spotted another offering from when i went beer shopping today, I snapped it up. Should have been a bit quicker reading the label though, as when I got home, I noticed best before Dec 2009! Fuck it, beer's beer, so I've drunk it anyway.
Reading the back of the bottle, it says it is a lagered fruit beer, using gooseberries. Grozet, it says, is auld Scots for gooseberry. Comparing it to lager, it seemed the perfect beer to crack open a warm evening when I'm thirsty as hell!
Pouring the beer, it pours a really lovely golden colour with a nice head, with touches of caramel. It's meant to be a refreshing beer and from looks alone, it does this spot on! There is some carbonation, but not much, but I'll put this down to its age, more then anything else. There isn't that much on the nose, it's floral and fruity, with the gooseberries definitely coming through.
First taste and the gooseberries come though straight away and then it went into a pleasant, refreshing, pale malt. This is what I would want every lager to taste like, if I'm on honest. In fact, my notes say shits on lager. It was really easy drinking and went down really well.
The only issue I have, is the lack of carbonation, I would like a few more bubbles. As I said earlier though, I'll put this down to its age. This is one beer I'm going to buy more of, spot on for drinking on my deck chair on a sunny afternoon. At 5%, it won't leave you that pickled after a couple. Three good beers from brewery, I can't wait to find the other ones!

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